Commerical Cleaning Nottingham & Derby


High quality water for a superb finish

Our water is of an exceptional quality. Pushed through a reverse osmosis static treatment plant, it achieves 95% purity. We then pass it through a deioniser with resin polish to bring it up to 99.9% purity.

This means we can leave your glass free of smears and spots without using any harmful detergents.



We cover a wide range of windows and premises

Our services are available for internal windows, doors and glass partitions. We also clean external windows, doors, shop fronts and office windows. Our services are available for factories, showrooms, conservatories and solar panels. We also offer quotes for one off builders’ cleans and regular cleans. Our FREE FIRST CLEAN for regular clients means you can try before you buy.



The benefits of ladderless cleaning

Our ladderless system is more private and improves health and safety. As well as reducing the possibility of accidents it also avoids damage to your property.

Contact us today to arrange a presentation from our managing director. We are sure that a discussion on our methods will leave you in no doubt as to the benefits of our working practices.